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What Exactly Are The Cheapest Ways To Borrow Money?

The cheapest way to borrow money is always, and I mean always, by going to the bank (and through If you’re not able to sign for a signature loan, however, I feel your pain. It happens to many people, and in fact, it has been happening to me for years. I never could quite get my credit in the position I needed it to be in order to get approved for one of those loans. That being said, I certainly know that bad credit loans are not the cheapest way to borrow.

One of the cheapest ways to borrow is also from family or friends. Many times, depending on the amount and the reason, you might not have to pay back the loan with interest. A close friend of mine financed a condo for me, so I definitely am having to pay her back interest. Still, the condo was financed at five percent, so that’s pretty cheap. Either way, borrowing from family or friends is also one of the cheapest ways. It’s just that some people prefer not to do that for obvious reasons. Other than that, you’re stuck finding the best interest rate and terms and conditions on a personal loan.

So looking for the cheapest way to borrow money? Check out


The Grand Canyon- A Living Wonder

The Grand Canyon is an important UNESCO World Heritage Site that is located in the northern part of Arizona. Due to its mesmerizing beauty and splendor, it is one of the most visited natural attractions in the United States.

The Grand Canyon National Park is divided into two major regions, namely the North Rim and the South Rim. The southwest portion of this national park includes two Indian Reservations including Hualapai Indian Reservation and Havasupai Indian Reservation where Havasu Falls can be found.

The South Rim is the most popular area of the national park. It is large enough to accommodate up to 5 million guests on an annual basis.

The Grand Canyon is truly a sight to behold. It’s a unique place as it is teeming with beauty, history, and culture. The Grand Canyon was built for millions of years as water carved the canyon walls to form the geologic wonder that it is today. The elevation change of the Canyon is marked at 7,000 feet starting from Point Imperial to the banks of Lake Mead.

The Grand Canyon National Monument was first opened to the public at the start of the 20th century by then president Theodore Roosevelt. It received its park stature on 1919. The national park alone covers up to 1.2 million acres- that which is known to be just as big as the state of Delaware.

According to statistics, there are up to 4.3 million people who visit the Grand Canyon on a yearly basis.

The Grand Canyon is called as such not because of its immense size, but due to a combination of elements. For instance, the desert-like environment combined with lack of herbaceous ground cover tells of its geologic history. Although the Grand Canyon has been built for millions of years, its walls have not yet revealed any signs of weathering and damage.

Although the Grand Canyon is mostly desert like, there are also parts of the Grand Canyon that features lush greenery and spots where you can simply bathe and relax. Havasupai Indian Reservation for instance has a total of 5 waterfalls that are short of amazing. People flock this remote region of the South Rim just to catch a glimpse of Havasu Falls and the other four falls located under and over Havasu Falls (and Grand Canyon Lodging).


The Top Essential Oil Brands of 2016

With all their uses and benefits, essential oils are undoubtedly some of Mother Nature’s best-kept secrets. With hundreds of essential oils on the market, how can you tell if you’re actually in for a treat or you’re just wasting hard-earned money? Here are some of the top essential oil brands that are worth checking out!

You can induce physical, emotional, and mental wellness without breaking the bank. Although there are companies that offer quality oils, the price points for their products are just simply unreasonable.

Here are Top 2 best essential oil brands that you should check out as they have successfully combined efficacy, potency, and affordability in their product offerings.

  • Young Living

Young Living is one of the most popular brands when it comes to essential oils. They market themselves as one of the few companies that offer the most authentic essential oils in the world.

One of the defining qualities about Young Living is their Seed to Seal production process. This strategy enables Young Living to produce the purest essential oils, some of which are known to be more potent and effective than essential oils from other brands.

The essential oil offerings of Young Living is split into several categories:

  • New, seasonal, and essential special blends
  • At home essential oils
  • Healthy and fit
  • Personal care
  • Animal care
  • doTERRA

This is a fairly new company that produces world-class essential oils. The company was established in 2007 but has gained popularity due to the excellence and quality of their products and processes. doTERRA guarantees that all of their essential oils undergo Certified Pure Therapeutic-Grade testing to prove their potency and efficacy.

Some of their best selling aromatherapy essential oils are used not only for personal care and wellness, but can be used as supplements and help in weight loss too!


Top 3 Diet Tweaks that Guarantee Weight Loss Fast

Weight loss is not for aesthetic purposes only, it’s a way of uplifting one’s health and wellness. Losing excess weight is the best way to make sure you live a happy and healthy life. With thousands upon thousands of weight loss tips, only a few of these will apply to all cases of weight loss. Not all diet fads can guarantee the shedding of fats. If you want to be 100% sure that your journey to weight loss will be a success, start following these nutrition tips today!

  • Delete fries from your usual fast food meals

You don’t have to avoid eating at fast foods if you want to lose weight. It’s totally fine to indulge on burgers and nuggets occasionally, but taking out fries from your usual will help you in shedding more pounds. Swap your large fries with a bowl of fresh salad instead. For instance, a single bowl serving of fresh salad only has 70 calories, whilst a small order of French fries has a calorie count of 270! You can lose up to 5 pounds of weight simply by switching fries to healthier snack alternatives (plus Cleanse and Detox from Apex Vitality, shouldn’t be that hard to achieve your goal).

  • Eat dark chocolate

It may seem weird that chocolates can help you in your weight loss efforts, but they actually do! To be specific, dark chocolate contains cacao that slows down digestion resulting in weight loss. Instead of picking up your usual bar of Snickers or Twix, opt to buy dark chocolate instead. You can lose up to 7 lbs worth of excess fat simply by this simple diet tweak.

  • Preload with a healthy appetizer

Majority of Americans dine out at least five times a week. The huge portion of main entrees makes it hard for most people to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, but can’t give up eating out at your favorite restaurants, you may do the simple tweak of preloading with healthy appetizers before eating your main course. Studies show that preloading with small portions of appetizer can promote a weight loss of 14 pounds in a year. Making this one change to your diet can help you in reaching your ideal weight in a slow but effortless manner!


Top Reminders Before Setting Up a Minecraft Server

Setting up your own Minecraft server need not be difficult and complicated. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps of setting up your own server using default software, Mojang. This server software is distributed free of charge. The software may be installed in the most popular operating systems, namely Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Before you start with the setup, here are a few notes worth remembering

  • Allot time in setting up your server. The process of installation takes time and basic technical knowledge. Never attempt on setting up a server by yourself unless you have fundamental computer skills and networking abilities. Make sure to checkout online resources (like minecraft hosting sites) that provides you with detailed information including photos so you can go through the steps successfully.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a Minecraft server. It doesn’t have to be a top-of-the-line machine, but a desktop is preferred than netbooks or laptops. These portable computing devices do not perform well as server machines as most have low-end hardware and bad I/) performance when compared alongside traditional desktop computers.
  • If your computer is powerful, you may do hosting and playing using one desktop computer.
  • Having too many players in a single wireless network is not recommended. This is most especially true when you are dealing with WLAN and WWAN connections. Make sure to utilize a wired network instead such as in the case of the Ethernet.
  • If you are planning to manage a Minecraft server anywhere but home, you may want to checkout forums that recommend that best Minecraft server hosting areas. If you decide to do this, you will be required to pay monthly for this specific type of server. Finding free hosting for Minecraft is rare, thus you need to pay a premium to enjoy stable and strong hosting capabilities. One advantage of doing this is that hosting services outside the home are more convenient. You don’t have to struggle with maintaining your own server on a regular basis.

As you are about to setup your own server at hone, you need to be aware of several dangers or risks associated with the activity. Although there are comprehensive guides on setting up a Minecraft server, make sure to read more forums on how to configure your own system properly.

To run your server with minimal risks, we highly recommend that you have fundamental knowledge about the following elements of your computer:

  • using the command-line and editing configuration files
  • your very own system configuration
  • networking including IP, DHCP, ports, etc.
  • your very own network configuration
  • your router configuration if you wish for other people to connect via Internet (9)

The First Signs of Teething that Parents should Watch Out For

Parents observe signs of teething even way before the first tooth comes out of the gums. Here are things that you should expect once your newborn begins teething.

When does teething start?

Babies are already born with teeth. The teeth are called milk teeth as the tips protrude from the gums. In rare cases, babies may showcase one or two teeth upon delivery. Most often, the tooth that comes out first is one of those in the lower gums. There are babies who start teething as early as 4 months, whilst there are babies that only showcase their first teeth at 12 months old. Babies should have all of their teeth out once they reach 2 and a half years old.

 You will know right away when your baby starts teething. Hey may exhibit signs of discomfort.

Is late teething normal?

Although most babies start showing their teeth at age of 1, there are babies who are late bloomers too. You should not be worried if your baby doesn’t have his first tooth out yet. If you would like to check if your baby’s teeth are on the way, go visit a dentist once your newborn has reached 1 year old.

Teeth Cleaning

It is best to start dental hygiene even before the first tooth sprouts. Ideally, use a soft and damp cloth to clean the gums of milk residue and small food particles. Once your baby is teething, switch to the use of a soft bristled toothbrush that is meant for babies. You can make use of toothpaste specially formulated with newborns in mind. Never use regular toothpaste when brushing their teeth, as these products may cause irritation and discomfort to your baby.

Teething Management

Babies generally feel pain and discomfort when they are teething. As they are still unable to speak yet, it may be difficult for them to express their level of discomfort effectively. This is where you turn to observing signs of teething, including:

  • flushed cheeks
  • incessant chewing
  • excessive drooling

Teething usually last for several months, which makes it important to identify other signs. Make sure to have enough bibs at hand to help your baby keep clean and dry at all times.

Here are a few things you can do to help your baby during this stage of life:

  • Give your baby acetaminophen as needed
  • To induce comfort, rub your fingers onto their gums
  • Give them a cold washcloth or chew toy to chew on
  • Surround your baby with toys that are safe and soft to chew on
  • Always keep the chin area dry, as excessive drooling may cause irritation on their skin too (7)

Top 3 Clairvoyance Facts You Never Knew!

If you’ve ever paid for a psychic reading before, then chances are, you’ve experienced clairvoyance in one form or another. People that call themselves psychics are blessed with extra sensory perceptions that allow them to hear, see or feel things that average people can’t. We all need a little help sometimes understanding what the future holds or how to cope with certain things in our lives that aren’t easy to move on from, which is where a clairvoyant can help.

No two psychics are alike, and you will undoubtedly see that each clairvoyant has his or her own special gifts. Before you head off and get your next reading, here are three fun facts about clairvoyance we guarantee you never knew!

1. Clairvoyance is considered to be a human ability that some people may have and others don’t. Much like art or hobbies you may find yourself getting better at, clairvoyance can be perfected through practice. Many psychics practice their abilities on a regular basis to ensure that they remain strong in their readings and they can become sensitive enough to perceive all things. Bear in mind, a part of success in being a clairvoyant also depends on keeping an open mind.

2. Clairvoyants will almost always see things through their own viewpoints or perspectives. You have most likely experienced this when you received a reading from two different individuals and somehow, the contents of the reading seemed to be different from both individuals. The basic idea is when the psychic is explaining something to you, he or she is seeing images that are from their perspective, therefore, they have to try extra hard to be objective.

3. Some clairvoyants may employ the help of different tools to help with their readings. These tools aren’t giving the answers to your questions, but rather provide a way for the clairvoyant to tune in better. You may have seen these tools in stores and psychic shops, and most commonly they encompass objects such as minerals, crystal balls, tarot cards, runes, and tea leaves.

It’s important that when you’re getting a reading from a psychic, you’re keeping an open mind and a positive attitude. Clairvoyants can sense negativity, and a poor attitude from the start can impact your reading. A healthy dose of skepticism is always a good thing, but if you find that your psychic and you aren’t clicking, it’s best to find someone else (found mine from! (7)

The Top Three Ways To Decorate A Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in your home. Because of that, it is important to make sure that it properly reflects your personal taste and decorating style. Check out this list of the top three ways to decorate a bathroom for ideas and inspiration (or you can check out how to decorate a bathroom articles to get more ideas):

1. Modern and sophisticated. Taking a modern approach with your bathroom can help create a sleek look that is clean and contemporary. Opt for simple bathroom fixtures that don’t have a lot of elaborate details. Instead, straight lines and smooth, shiny finishes should be the name of the game. Consider using glossy, solid colored tile rather than natural stone to create a more modern look.

2. Warm and inviting. If you want your bathroom to feel a bit more warm and comfortable, try taking your cues from nature. For instance, choose natural stone flooring or shower tiles to bring warmth and richness into the room. Choose paint colors and accessories in warm, earth tone shades. For your bathroom fixtures, think about skipping chrome or brushed nickel in favor of bronze or copper.

3. Colorful and fun. If you are the type of person who likes to add a pop of personality to your decor, choosing a colorful decorating scheme for your bathroom could be a fun way to go. In general, it is best to stick with neutral colored tiles and countertops. This will help your home maintain its resale value. You can bring in pops of color through the accessories that you choose. For instance, choose a brightly colored shower curtain and vibrant towels to add visual interest to the room.

Any one of these three popular ways to decorate a bathroom would be a great choice for your home (there’s also this bathroom vanity ideas online I came across you can check out on). Just be sure to choose a style that fits with the rest of your decor so that you can create a cohesive look throughout your living space. (8)

4 Ways You Can Be A Better Mother

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs that you will ever have. The little bundle of joy that you once carried in your belly, the one you cuddled with, gazed at, watched sleep, loved from the moment they were conceived can be a bit unlovable at times (including the time your husband needs to take fertility test for men). Do you agree? Well, there is no doubt that mothering is hard, but here are four ways that you can be a better mother to those you love the most.

1. Take care of yourself. When you are at your best, you will be able to be the best mom possible. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, shower, sing, do whatever it takes to make you happy.

2. Laugh. Everyone loves laughing and when you find ways to laugh at yourself, with your child, and just laugh in general, you will be a happier person.

3. You can’t do it all. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t. Stop beating yourself up over things you can’t control.

4. Love. All your child wants is unconditional love. Find ways each and every day to show your child how much they mean to you, how much you love them.

By adding some laughter, love, and honesty to your life, you can be a better mother. (4)

How You Can Fix Bad Eyesight

If your eyesight isn’t where you’d like it to be, you may want to take some steps to improve it. There are a lot of things you can do to fix bad eyesight (Lasik NYC is one).

It’s important to make sure that you keep your eye prescription up to date. If you don’t get your prescription updated, you may place extra strain on your eyes.

You should also make sure you eat a healthy diet. Foods that are rich in beta carotene have been proven to improve eye health. If you’re not able to make these nutrients a part of your everyday diet, you may want to take a multivitamin.

If you’re dealing with other eye problems, like dryness, make sure you deal with them appropriately. Talk to your doctor about the products you should be using. They’ll help you to take care of your eyes.

As you can see, there are all kinds of simple things you can do that can improve your eyesight. Make sure you care for your eyes! Having healthy eyes can have a big impact on your life. If your eyes are properly cared for, you’ll be able to see clearly regardless of your age.